Red Bull Rampage 2014

For the second year in a row I had the opportunity to attend one of the craziest mountain bike competitions on Earth, Red Bull Rampage.  Last year I was only a spectator, but afterwards I told myself I'd be going back with a media pass so I could get access to the entire mountain.  In August I was approached by SaltRoads, a new online magazine, to be their sports photographer.  I told them I'd love to and I had a great idea for the first event I'd like to cover!

I couldn't have asked for a better experience for my second trip to Rampage.  I got to spend two days with the riders before any competition began, making notes of their lines and getting to know them.  I was able to make a few friends within the photography industry that I hope to see there again next year.  In all I was able to spend five days on the mountain. Check out some of the photos, and make sure to watch all the action on NBC.  Rampage aires Dec. 27th at 4pm EST!

Brett Rheeder picking his line

Andreu Lacondeguy sending this 76' drop for the first time in practice

Robbie Bourdon

Wil White

Makken Haugen airing the GoPro step-down

Carson Storch suicide no hander off the GoPro step-down

Graham Agassiz getting in one last flip during practice

Szymon Godziek has his backflip dialed on the 73' canyon gap

All eyes are on Jeff Herbertson 

Geoff Gulevich

Graham Agassiz putting his practice to good use, securing a first place in qualifiers

Brendan Fairclough trying out his gap

Cam Zink and his diggers spent a week on this drop, so hitting it the first time had everyone holding their breath

Mitch Chubey 

Brendan Fairclough suicide no-hander

Cam Zink spinning the first of two 360's off this massive cliff

For the winning run, Andreu Lacondeguy threw down this huge backflip!  He's actually coming back down by this point, he went so high he went half way out of the frame!