Practicing Portraits

I've been looking through some of my favorite photos and realized that there are a bunch I haven't shared, other than adding them to my portfolio.  I thought if I like them, maybe you'll like them too, so here we go!

These images are a set that I did last summer.  I was trying out a few techniques that were new to me.  I wanted to figure out what I liked and really nail down my portrait style (broad horizons, right?) so I was really excited to see what I came up with.  The entire experience was great for me because I learned a bunch about hand placement in close up shots, and about how to direct a model.  I was also really happy because it was the first time on a portrait shoot that I was coming up with posing ideas faster than I could take pictures, the flow of the entire shoot was wonderful.

As I said, I was working on a few different styles, so the whole set doesn't hold the same feel, But I would say I came away with some keepers! 

Flower Portrait
Flower Toss Portrait
Picking Flowers Portrait
Hat Spin Portrait
Fence Portrait