Sports Photography

Lights, Camera, Action Portraits!

This past summer I started experimenting with a new style of photography I think of as action portraits.  It all stemmed from seeing so many local photographers doing senior photos that I just didn't like.  Specifically pictures of guys thrown up against a brick wall, or in front of a bunch of flowers, posing exactly like all the girls and then getting airbrushed like crazy to look "cute".  Don't get me wrong, there is a need for beautiful photos of guys, it's necessary to have proof that (some of us) do clean up well!  

But I feel like guys should also be treated like guys!  Most of us don't want to be posed, sometimes we don't want to smile and we definitely don't want to show teeth!  The fact is: if it isn't something we do in everyday life, we aren't willing to do it on a photo shoot.  So how could I fix this?  I could follow someone around all day, snapping candids, but that might get old quick.  I could steer clear of male portraits altogether, but then I'd never have a chance at working for Mens Journal (which is a pretty big goal of mine).  Instead I decided to capture people in their element, within a set space and on my terms.  I couldn't believe how easy it actually was!  Especially with team sports athletes.  The subject is used to doing repetitive drills while taking instruction from a coach, so the flow of the shoot is normal for them.  

While this style isn't new, it isn't typically seen outside of Sports Illustrated or ads in sports arenas.  I'm having fun and I'm trying something that isn't seen in the local market.  Maybe that's a good thing, maybe it's stupid, but I think it's awesome!

Dance Portrait
soccer photography
Soccer Portrait
Football portrait
Football portrait
Football Portrait
Basketball portrait
Basketball layup

50/50 BMX Demo

On April 20th, Mike Brewer, filmer extraordinaire, invited me to tag along on a trip to Richfield, UT to photograph the 50/50 BMX team put on a demo.  Mike is the team videographer and he's really lucked out lately getting to travel around (even out of the country) with these guys, so of course I was game to go get some shots of them.  First, these guys are GOOD!!!  Many of them are X Games and Dew Tour medalists, so they're right up there with the best in the world.  Second, these guys are fun!  For being celebrities in certain groups, they were so chill to sit and talk with fans in between shows, they took time for everyone that wanted to meet them.  It was so cool to see them interact and be real human beings, in my opinion that is the quality that makes a true professional, I know many little kids went home so happy that day, who doesn't love meeting a "real" athlete.  

For these shots I wanted to get a little more artistic, so I introduced a lot of red into most of the pictures by adjusting the white balance.  It didn't look too good on some, but it looked awesome on others!

Benny Voyles starting things off right!

Rob Wise giving the ladies a scare, that's his wife taking pics from the ground...

Jeremiah Smith, tail whip 360

Jeremiah Smith

Jayson Johnston

Rob Wise

Benny Voyles interacting with the crowd

Benny Voyles backflip

Jeremiah Smith with an awesome shadow

Jayson Johnson

Rob Wise, turndown over Skyler Pingree

Skyler Pingree Flair

Jeremiah Smith Barspin

Benny Voyles backfilp no-hander

This last shot has a great story.  11 year old Kale Tanner begged his parents to drive him from SLC down to Richfield and somehow he got in on riding with these guys.  He immediately became apart of the group and participated in every show.  For his second to last trick, he tried and landed his first 360.  The audience went nuts, the riders went nuts, the announcer went nuts, he went nuts, everyone went nuts.  It was so cool to see something like that happen, and I really really hope I get to be apart of the "moment" many more times in my life.  And I hope I can get them all on camera...

Kale Tanner mid-360