State Capitol Fashion Photography

I've spent my whole life living in Utah and yet I hadn't ever set foot inside the Capitol until March. I was blown away with all the architecture and artistry inside, I could have spent all day staring at the ceiling.  But my reason for being there was a photo shoot, so gawking at the walls would have to wait.

I joined a group that sets up fashion shoots with models, make up artists and hair stylists, then we find a cool place and take some pictures.  On this particular day the group creator had been sent some dresses from a designer with a 1920's look so that instantly become the "theme" of the the shoot.  This was only my second time hanging out with the group and I'm struggling to command the shoot.  I don't do well coming up with poses for each picture, but I am really good at exploring a location and finding awesome spots, so my solution was to tag along with another photographer and point out where we should go next while she directed the model.  It was a great setup and I hope the other photographer benefited as much as I did. 

The model that we worked closest with also deserves a huge thank you.  She was super easy to work with and extra patient.  Two hours of being directed around can't be easy and if she wasn't having fun it certainly wasn't showing up in the pictures.  Many of the portrait sessions I've tried haven't been full of great photos, but when you have a model that is used to being in front of the camera it becomes so much easier.  It makes all the difference between amateur and professional!

State Capitol 1920s Flapper
1920s Flapper
1920s Fashion Photography
Utah State Capitol Photography
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Utah Fashion Photography