Practicing Portraits

I've been looking through some of my favorite photos and realized that there are a bunch I haven't shared, other than adding them to my portfolio.  I thought if I like them, maybe you'll like them too, so here we go!

These images are a set that I did last summer.  I was trying out a few techniques that were new to me.  I wanted to figure out what I liked and really nail down my portrait style (broad horizons, right?) so I was really excited to see what I came up with.  The entire experience was great for me because I learned a bunch about hand placement in close up shots, and about how to direct a model.  I was also really happy because it was the first time on a portrait shoot that I was coming up with posing ideas faster than I could take pictures, the flow of the entire shoot was wonderful.

As I said, I was working on a few different styles, so the whole set doesn't hold the same feel, But I would say I came away with some keepers! 

Flower Portrait
Flower Toss Portrait
Picking Flowers Portrait
Hat Spin Portrait
Fence Portrait

A Bicycle Story

Recently I decided I would like to work on telling stories through photos.  My first attempt was today, with this couple that loves to bike in their free time.  I'll be the first to say that I could have told their story better, but I'm happy with pictures we did get.  I learned things for my next try, and that's what counts, for now enjoy Dayton and Emily Koons!

Be sure to check out Emily's creative side at: http://emmelife.wordpress.com

Also I need to thank Loyal Cycle Co. for supplying two awesome bicycles.  Show them some love!  http://www.loyalcycleco.com

Dayton and Emily Koons
Linus Bicycle engagement photo