Paul Carter

Curious human, risk taking photographer


I love adventure, I love discovery, I love scaring myself and I love pushing my own boundaries.  These are the things that keep me going everyday and this is part of the reason I took up photography.  It's a constant challenge and the second it gets mundane I can switch gears and focus on new styles, subjects, and situations.

I've carried my camera hundreds of miles while backpacking, hiking, rock climbing and caving through almost every possible environment.  To some it may seem like I'm careless, that any a second I could break, submerge, or freeze my camera.  This has partial truth, but I've become an expert at calculating risk and designing the best possible solutions to overcome the hazards.  And if I do lose a camera or two along the way I guess I'll keep Nikon engineers employed longer!

The hardest shots hold the best stories...